We are looking for Operations Specialist who performs various functions in support of Operations Manager of the department in ensuring a smooth flow of the company’s operations, including Financial, Accounting, Legal, Account executive, Office administration


  1. Oversee Office issues and the development of the internal Office and Operations process that support the company growth
    - Maintain and organize company’s facilities
  2. Oversee Client and Vendor management to negotiate, process the billing and keep tracking & communicate with a great customer experience
  3. Provide support to the operations manager and team member in the day to day running of the organization in the part of Financial, Accounting, Legal, Account executive, Office administration
  • Develop and define work process and guidelines that related to operations task
  • Schedule projects and ensure assignments are carried out as planned
  • Work hand-in-hand with top management staff concerning work/operational issues and other activities
  • Draw up reports regarding operations in the company and pass them to top management whenever it is requested for
  • Serve as a guide to fresh employees in operations team so as to make sure that they adhere to company rules and that the result of their various tasks meet company standard
  • Educate operations team on company policies and excellent service standards

    4. Perform other ad-hoc duties as required


  • Experience of not less than 4 years in an administrative capacity (Operations/Office Management)
  • A degree in any management or business related field
  • Have possess good communication skills on all fronts and must be someone that gets along very well with other people, i.e., musty have good interpersonal skills
  • Have able to work and deliver within limited time range or frame
  • Should be able to work as part of a team on a regular basis and having a leadership skill
  • Have good analytical, problem solving, and organizational abilities
  • Have a good understanding of how an administrative setting operates and also know what is required at any given time
  • Able to prepare yearly budget for the company is a plus